Fan YouTube Vid’s about the Invincible Campaign

By RyanOsman1 on 10 Jul 2011

“Be a part of music history, help make that change:”

By Desperadomj

MJ’s Invincible Campaign (Promotion Video)

By Iamspeechless100 also upload by and

By Desperadomj

By Iamspeechless100

By Nenabunena

MJFC I Pledge Invincible Teaser 1.wmv – 

Wow this is our first fan club video

By Qbees

Michael Jackson Fans present – MJ’s Invincible Campaign


By Venturahighway1

Invincible Campaign

By Nello

29 thoughts on “Fan YouTube Vid’s about the Invincible Campaign

  1. On-board with the “Invincible Campaign”. Invincible is a great cd and deserves MUCH more respect than what it has gotten. Michael did a great job, as usual. Let’s make it happen with much LOVE.

    • There are 5 covers in all. If you truly want to help, buy a cover which you already don’t have. Maybe in the coming 2 years, every October, you can complete your collection!

      • I have the white ones so that’s a good idea thanks I’ll get the different colors

        btw for someone that was asking where to get the colored ones you can try or you can contact the seller on both of them and ask them what color versions they have.

        again thanks for the tip lol

      • I’m trying to get the campaign rolling in the Philippines. & I want Sony to release their colored covers to encourage fans who already have the white to collect all colors which in turn will increase the album sales! My problem though is that Sony Philippines doesn’t have stock of the Invincible cd, let alone the colored covers. We’re doing radio campaigns requesting songs from the Invincible album but radio stations & DJs don’t even have the freaking cd! It is sooo frustrating!

      • We are going to ask Sony Marketing about this – so that the colours can be made available – we don’d know what their response will be. But please contact them yourselves on twitter – to support the resquest. Thank you.

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  3. Hi guys! There’s a Thrill the World event that happens every year where fans around the world dance to Thriller & it has media coverage & everything. The Philippines takes part in this event as well. I was wondering if I could use all these Invincible campaign videos to promote the album on the venue? We’re also creating our own commercial, it will be a 3-parter released for every moth before October & I want to promote this album in my country. Would it be cool for me to show this on a projector screen on our even this October 29?

    • Wow, that would be great! October 30th is exactly Invincible’s 10th anniversary. So it’d be cool if you can ask the fans to buy the CDs at “Thrill the World” event (Maybe you can find a CD store nearer to the place where the event takes place, and ask the owner to order bulk copies of Invincible). Seriously, that would be a big boost.

      • My problem is both Sony & its distributor Ivory Records don’t have any Invincible cds in the country, record stores don’t have them as well. So we’re trying to organize a radio station campaign will a promotional I PLEDGE Invincible cd to give to radio stations to get them to play the cds on their stations. So, even the radio stations don’t have the Invincible cd.:(

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