5 thoughts on “Fan Response to the Music Press

  1. Yes, I do feel that Invincible is very much unappreciated. So called critics tend to compare all of MJ’s work to Thriller and that shouldn’t be the case. Thriller stands on its own and there will NEVER be another Thriller, sorry. Off The Wall defined Michael as a solo artist that was here to stay and Thriller confirmed that to the highest degree of confirmation. Every album MJ released post-Thriller has stood the test of time and Invincible should NOT be excluded. The album was released during a time of conflict between Michael and Sony and disputes over his contract and his catalogs even so, that should not have caused any sufferings on the album but it did. I won’t go into all of that because thats another conversation however, Invincible is a remarkable album, the sound and feel is unlike any of Michael’s prior work but at the same time its unique and original JUST like ALL of Michael’s prior work.

  2. Invincible is one of Michael’s best album. This album is fantastic.
    Great music and vocals. Songs is beautiful if one has heart to listen to it. This album is underrated.

  3. This album is truly a masterpiece,and should be remastered in all colours.Every track is brillant.and so unique,and Michaels voice is pure gold.Absolutely love Invincible,and I can not get enough of it.This needs to be promoted to show the world his GENIUS.Love it.

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