Music Press Comments on the Invincible Album

The Music Press response to Invincible does not make pleasant reading, here are some of the  reviews that come up well I google for reviews:,0,3444880.story

I say they got it wrong.

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4 thoughts on “Music Press Comments on the Invincible Album

  1. Please remove The Guardian link. It’s always against MJ. Even in this review, it’s more about MJ’s “bizarre” life, rather than comments on the album itself.

    The common sight in many reviews in “Invincible” being compared to MJ’s previous album, which is kind of lame. MJ was. at the that time, desperately trying to revive Pop Music. “Invincible” was definitely that cutting-edge Album is the history of Pop. If it had only been marketed the right way, I’m sure it would have created a whole new era of Pop Music.

    PS. NME gave the best, constructive review, IMHO.

    • The Guardian comments are very typical of what Michael had to endure, and what we have seen in the press generally. The constant reference and bais. The post is about the unfairness of the press – The Guardian review just shows this exactly. 😦

  2. Totally ridiculous the media response to Invincible. It’s my opinion that it is right up there with any of his other albums, if not higher. The sounds, vocals, production.. all superb. When I read such negative reviews I wonder if we heard the same album.

    Listen to it again and just try to say with a straight face that the past decade of r&b hasn’t been emulating its sound. Yes, it was so mediocre – to quote one of the reviews, ‘not great, not bad’ – that it prompted countless imitators. That’s leaving out the same old, same old comments. If anything Invincible is his most dramatic artistic leap. Between spending millions upon millions of dollars of his own money, having a more grounded/mature and less ‘ethereal’ vibe, and having one of the longest production cycles next to Bad it’s safe to say Invincible was far from more of the same.

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