@SonyMusicMktg Request to @Sony to Release all 5 coloured covers of the Invincible Album

Request to Sony to Release all 5 coloured covers of the Invincible Album

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Many fans have been requesting the release of all 5 coloured covers of the Invincible especially for the 10th Anniversary of the Album in October 2011. I would like to see that plus the release of the Michael Jackson signing DVD in 2001. Some fans would like to see a special vinyl edition of the Invincible album.

I would really like to purchase the DVD of the Michael Jackson signing the CD in New York in October 2001.

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12 thoughts on “@SonyMusicMktg Request to @Sony to Release all 5 coloured covers of the Invincible Album

  1. I agree, that would be just wonderful! I would love to get a CD in each color!! I have two CD’s already but they are both black and white. What a terrific idea!!

  2. Sure seems a good idea. Maybe they’d released a Boxed edition of all the 5 colors. But I think many would be reluctant to buy all of them at once, plus the cost would be huge.

    And obviously, it’s ironic that we should contact Sony for this, which was the reason why Invincible didn’t sell good enough in the first place.

      • I agree with mjsinvincible, Sony has the power to do this. Not us. So we need to work with them bec in the end, this benefits Michael more than Sony ever will. MJ owns all of his songs btw, not Sony, they’re merely his distributor.

    • I support this 200%! I was thinking of this & have been encouraging Filipino fans to complete the album! My problem, is we don’t have the colored albums, so we need to encourage SONY to release all of them, this in turn, will increase record sales! i posted this issue here before, so thank you for making a post on this particularly!

    • Sure, many won’t be willing to collect all 5 colors, but many ARE WILLING. & we need to appeal to that market. Besides if they are released unboxed, then those who already have a white cover, can choose to buy another color, even if it’s just 1. The point is releasing all colored covers, increases the likelihood that fans will buy another album, & that some or many Invincible supporters or collectors will collect all colored albums!

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