Invincible Comments in Michael Jackson A Visual Documentary

Please note the comments mentioned in Adian Grant’s book and some additional information.

Michael Jackson – A visual Documentary 1958-2009 The Official Tribute Edition

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October 5

You Rock My World is released in the UK

October 14

You Rock My World entersUK charts at number 2

October 16

You Rock My World reaches number 1 on the R&B charts

October 17

Sony hold a playback session for Michael’s then forthcoming album at their London offices attended by the media and fan clubs.

October 20

In France You Rock My World enters their charts at Number 1 a feat it is stated that only 4 other artists have achieved.

October 27 (though I heard it was 26)

Michael participates in an online/radio chat with GetMusic. Michael talks about his favourite songs from the album, and his plans for the album and generally.

October 29

Michael’s last album Invincible was released. There were 5 promotional colours

November 2

Within 5 days (4 within the USA) Invincible sold 3 million copies worldwide. In France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Spain the album has even broken Michael’s previous records and has become his fastest selling album ever.

November 4

Invincible tops the album charts in the UK, making it Michael’s 7th consecutive number1 album in the UK. Wvery solo album released in the UK since Michael was Epic records reached number 1

November 7

Invincible now number 1 not only in the UK but also, USA, Australia, Belguim, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. In the USA allow it has sold 366,300 copies in its first week.


June 6

Press Conference in New York Michael lends his voice to a coalition demanding justice for recording artists.

Here is a YT video:

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5 thoughts on “Invincible Comments in Michael Jackson A Visual Documentary

  1. Loved it. Both videos are very informative. Notice he made it clear that he wasn’t against Sony, but Tommy Mattola. He also made it clear that he wasn’t confused about what color he is. Looks in the mirror everyday and know’s he’s a black man. People didn’t listen to him. He asked the group he spoke to not to forget what he spoke to them about; but to carry it in their hearts. He said, “It’s Time for Change”.

    I wonder how many really paid attention. Most were too busy screaming. You have to be quiet and LISTEN or you will miss too much. Not judging; just paying attention. From October 5th to November 7th, Invincible did incredibly well. It should have continued to get the attention it deserved, but didn’t. Why can’t we make this happen. It’s not a favor to Michael but what is RIGHT. The album and the work Michael put into it deserves more recognition. Thanks for keeping us informed mjsinvincible.

  2. I have this great book!!! It’s amazing and i would stare at those pictures for hours and hours! Every time i turn its pages, i feel closer to Michael… I advice you to buy it, it’s worth every single dime!!

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