5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson the Musical Icon the Legend

  1. Mj was so astounding at everything he did. He was truly a gift from God and I feel like we have lost one of Gods messengers. This makes life a sad and scarey place to be now. We will treasure the time you gave him to us and miss him forever since he went home to you.

  2. Losing this man was massive and there will never be another Michael. He was talented and special and just phenomenal. He was truly a unique human being. It’s
    so hard for me at times to really put into words just how special he was. He brought light, magic and love. I can only speak for me but the world isn’t that same anymore. I think those who loved him have been changed by his death. Michael was yes Truly the BEST!

    Music’s KING…Our King of Pop!

  3. THE KING MICHAEL JACKSON is the best forever!!!!!! None other person is higher than him. He is the Greatest person who ever lived!!!!!!!! He’s a KING

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