Online Media Mentioning the #mjsinvincible campaign

Here is a comment we had from a Music Outlet

Thursday September 8th, 2011 11:00

Jackson fans try to get Invincible back in the charts

Michael Jackson fans are staging a Facebook campaign in a bid to send the late king of pop’s final album, ‘Invincible’, back to the top of the charts in October, the tenth anniversary of the record’s release. If successful, the campaign would also mean the MJ record would be charting during the upcoming trial of Conrad Murray, the doctor accused of causing the singer’s death through negligence.

The fan who has instigated the campaign, Debbie Francis, says: “‘Invincible’ deserves to be number one again on its 10th Anniversary. It is a truly brilliant album. Michael Jackson’s genius should be celebrated and his legacy includes his musical accomplishments, his legendary generosity and humanitarianism”.

Please leave a comment on the actual cmu website – we need to support positive reporting on anything MJ. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Online Media Mentioning the #mjsinvincible campaign

  1. Lovely, hits the spot. I do hope more people will take the time to understand the importance of this brilliant campaign. This is all part of the journey Michael wanted us to make, we need his message to reach the masses, we all need to respect & look after the important things in life…his lyrics say it all.

  2. Michael’s art MUST be supported NOW so that generations of yet unborn MJ fans will have the opportunity to hear his music.

    Michael said – “When you want to be close to me, listen to the music. The love is stored there, and will not die..”


    “Great music and great melodies are immortal. I don’t care…you know, fashion change, culture changes, customs change. Great music is immortal. We still listen to Mozart today…any of the greats. Great music is like a great piece of sculpture or a great painting. It’s forever. You know, for generations upon generations to appreciate forever. And …I know that’s a fact.”

    WE must make sure that the generations upon generation can appreciate Michael.. Support #MJsInvincible ……. so that his legacy lives on in perpetuity.

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