Joseph Vogel supports the #mjsinvincible campaign

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Have a look at Joe’s really interesting blogsite, its so uplifting.

Joe Vogel Twitter comments @JoeVogel1

“What would be cool is if #mjsinvincible was re-released as a double album (with unreleased songs). MJ always wanted to do a double album.! 9 Jul

“I support #mjsinvincible.” 9 Jul

Who is Joe Vogel?

He states on his blog that he is the author of 3 books including  Man in the Music which is due to be released in November 2011. He works at the Univerisity of Rochester in New York. He was disappointed that the focus had shifted from his creative work. Joe had been considering doing his book since 2005, during the trial. He said that it took alot time to obtain the information and he talked to engineers and not the obvious people etc. He said that once people saw that he was writing about Michael’s art  and not about triva that people really opened up.

I have noticed whilst undertaking research for this blog that there is a lack of well researched information about Michael’s music, in the form of a book. This is surprising. I think that the world is waiting for this book. Michael was the King of Pop for decades, his musical achievements are known, yet I was unable to find a detailed book about his work. I found two short books but they don’t seem to have the detail that I was looking for. I could not believe it. How could this area of Michael’s life have been so under reported, why was his musical genius not written about?

It is such a shame, that  many interviewers wasted their time with Michael, asking him to comment on rumour and tabloid headlines and failing to ask him about the very thing that made him so popular.

I have pre-ordered Joe’s book  Man in the Music because I believe that it will be an honest source of information about Michael and his music.

This is the type of book that should  have been written decades ago and there should be numous books like this.

I want to thank Joe for taking the time to write this book and addressing this deficit in the world  [contents to be added]

Radio Interview

Amazon Product Description of his book:

Man in the Music meticulously tracks Jackson’s solo career, from 1979’s groundbreaking “”Off the Wall”” to 2001’s  “”Invincible””, to a glimpse into some of his yet-to-be-released material. With each album, Vogel places the music in its social and historical context, discusses its relation to Jackson’s personal life, reveals the singer’s fascinating process of artistic creation and analyses each record, from its cover, to its songs, to its aesthetic impact and cultural legacy. Rather than focusing on the surface-level sensationalism, Man in the Music explores and offers insight into the creative process behind Michael Jackson’s work, which serious Michael Jackson fans are sure to be looking for.

Recent Interviews:

Radio Interview

[Contents to be added]

Unlike many Michael Jackson authors, Joe is a rare gem, he tweets regularly, answers questions and supports the Michael Jackson Community. We are very lucky to have someone write about Michael with such an honest heart. I say bravo Joe!

In addition, Joe has done something very special to support the #mjsinvincible campaign, he has  given us permission to use a quote from his book Man in the Music in our press release. This is a very generous act, that renders me speechless, and in awe of his kindness. I have asked other people for quotes, some said yes and nothing has been received, but in Joe’s case, his response was immediate.

I like the doers in this world, the people who make things happen.


Earth Song

Radio Show Sheena Experience

Facebook page

1 thought on “Joseph Vogel supports the #mjsinvincible campaign

  1. Thank you Joe for supporting MJ’s Invincible. Joe Vogel’s – Man In The Music and his Earth Song-“Earth Song: Inside Michael Jackson’s Magnum Opus” are the two best ways of getting Michael’s truth to the public. The entire MJGlobal family must do their part to perpetuate the truth regarding Michael to counter balance the negative spin of the media. This #MJsInvincible campaign does exactly the same thing as Vogel’s books; clarifies the facts.

    The Invincible album was one of Michael’s best works and one of his most beloved. He wrote 14 of the 16 tracks and he wanted this album to be successful as it greatly defined him. In this album, his masterful artistic ablilities not only illicit emotions but make profound personal statements and his messages are profound.

    If we truly want generations upon generations to hear and realize the genius of his art, the depth of his message and harken to his life’s mission, then we must actively participate in

    #MJsInvincible campaign number ONE in October 2011

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