Lets Make Invincible Visible

Most know of the single #YouRockMyWorld do they know that it comes from ‘Invincible!’..?! No!! Back the #MJsInvincible campaign & show them!
A friend asks what I thought MJs best album was? I said Invincible She’d never heard of it this is why #MJsInvincible campaign is important!

I have heard these comments before from fans on Twitter, that they did not become aware of the Invincible Album until after Michael passed.

Post June 2009 Invincible was the one album I could not find in the shops.

Lets make Invincible Visible

6 thoughts on “Lets Make Invincible Visible

  1. Yes I hear this all the time too.. most expect you to say ‘Thriller’ or ‘Bad’ and don’t get me wrong all of Michael’s albums are in a league of their own, each fits into their own spectrum! But ‘Invincible’ was the one that Michael really cherished, he was at his peak when he recorded this album he had thirty plus years experience and knowledge of perfecting his craft..!! Let us all work together to show the world that Michael is not forgotten and bring his genius to light..!!

  2. Invincible did not get the promotion and the recognition it so deserved… almost put in the back burner.. It’s time we the fans change that a make HIStory again, by getting Invincible Visible!…. and let the world know what they have been missing.

  3. I had never heard of Invincible til after June 25, 2009. I went into a store and was looking at the different MJ’s CDs. I seen the Invincible CD and I hadn’t heard any of the songs except You Rock My World. I bought it and I feel in love with the songs, so many different emotions. It seemed like it was more personal. I went to the internet and most people didn’t know about this CD. It is horrible that a lot of people are been deprived of some of MJ’s best work. We need to have this CD re-released so people can discover how wonderful MJ’s music remains.

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