Happy Birthday Michael

Sending a Happy Birthday Message to Michael – Please join me

Please support Spike Lee’s Birthday event – has been postponed because of the adverse weather conditions

Note the Birthday Cakes from Zugargirlz: http://sugargirlz.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/happy-birthday-michael-jackson/#comment-100

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Michael

  1. Happy Birthday, Michael! Thanks for being such a daily inspiration to all of us. That’s why we loved you, that’s why we keep on loving you, although you’re not with us anymore.We are celebrating you each and every year, trying to keep up your legacy.
    Spike Lee’s ongoing commitment to spreading the Afro-American culture, makes him the perfect man to celebrate you with a special Annual Event. For this reason i support his Tribute. Here’s the link for the event. http://bit.ly/lC2YTj

  2. A very special Happy Birthday message for Michael, love you more, & more again! I plan to plant a ‘Sun Flower’ on this Birthday anniversary, 2011. As I watch it grow & flourish I will think of you! #muchLOVE

  3. Happy Birthday Michael
    I hope you are enjoying the day in heavenly bliss. Im Sending my heartfelt thanks and love to you. Thank you for the music, the dance and beautiful performances. But most of all your childlike imagination that thrilled us and your childlike heart that helped make the world a better place.

    You really did make the world a better place and much more exciting while doing it. You have touched my heart and soul with your art, your love and compassion for the children and for all people of the world. You are truly King of Pop and my heart.

    I Will Love You for all Time ❤ Mickie (Qbee)

  4. Happy Birthday, Michael. You will forever remain in my heart where there is Love and Affection. I love you today and tomorrow will bring with it the same LOVE. God bless you.

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