Buy Event 1st – 31st October 2011- Buy MJ’s Invincible Album

Make Michael Jackson’s Invincible Album Number 1.

The Buy Event is NOW.

The Buy Event runs from 1st October to 31st October 2011.

If your thinking about a present for friends, this is a perfect gift. The Gift of Michael’s  Last Studio Album. The last album he had direct control of.

The success of the campaign is down to you.

If you have spare funds then please purchase Invincible, a new copy from Amazon or other outlets. If you want to purchase lots of copies, then you should make single copy purchases as multi purchases, in one sale only count as one sale not more. The album is very reasonably priced.

Please do not purchase from Ebay, this will probably not count as it will probably be a resale and thus not a new copy. Do not take that chance, Michael is too important.

The important thing now is to buy the album and encourage other supporters to do the same.

During the trial we have seen shocking news that Michael’s staff just let him down and failed him countless times. His fans and supporters never have. We need to support him now, to lift him up, let people know that we love him, that we are pushing for him and that we will be there for him. That he is Invincible and Unbreakable.!/show/michael_jackson_s_invincible_buy_event

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