7 thoughts on “What a Birthday Present Vanguard Award Returns to Michael

  1. I am so happy that MTV reinstated the MJ with the Vanguard Award. One step at a time we fixing the wrongs that were done to MJ. I only wish he was here to see it.

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  3. Tears of pure joy filled my eyes as I awoke to this wonderful news this morning… Michael’s name is back were it always belonged.. and as pippit59 said I too wish he were physically here to see all of these wonderful things.. but I know he see’s all that is done as Angel’s see everything.. we L.O.V.E you Michael hope your moonwalking across the clouds today.. Happy Birthday.. we miss you!! Rest in peace perfect peace.. shine your light for eternity..!!

  4. The Highest Honor VMA has to award is The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award. afetr all Michael set the Bar for all other artist to reach for. So happy they reinstated it. Happy Birthday Michael ❤

  5. What a joyous moment!! Thank you to everybody who worked so hard to let MTV know we wanted our “Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award” back. So many good things are being turned around lately, lets keep it going. Like Michael said “There’s nothing that can’t be done, if we raise our voice as one!!

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