Lynton Guest (Michael Jackson Author) Supports the Invincible Campaign @lynton6

Why I Want to Back the Invincible Campaign

 By Lynton Guest

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 Michael Jackson’s Invincible album occupies a special place for me, but not in the way you might think. Until 2001, I had regarded HIStory as Michael’s greatest triumph. Not only did it contain some unbelievable songs, I thought Michael was singing better than ever. If you then remember what pressures he had been under during the 1990s, its achievement was even more remarkable.

Now I knew as well as the next person that Michael’s recordings always reached the
highest possible standards. However, I found it inconceivable that he could
reach those heights again. So while it would be wrong to say my expectations
were low, I just couldn’t see how HIStory could be improved upon. How wrong I was.

I remember driving in London one day when Speechless came on the radio. I was
blown away. I had to stop the car and pull in to the roadside, to the annoyance
of the other drivers. I just couldn’t help it. How was it possible, I thought,
that this man could top his previous efforts? And so effortlessly!

Immediately I headed for the nearest record store (they still existed back then) but
incredibly, they had no stocks. How could that be? It was the first inclination
I had that Sony might not, despite all the publicity, be promoting the album as
much as the company claimed. It took me another week to get my hands on a copy.

Apart from Speechless, it is difficult to pick out one track above any other, so
brilliant are all of them. The production is superb, the singing better than
ever. If I had to choose one, though, I suppose it would be You Rock My World
but honestly, it’s a hard call. What I can say is that listening to the whole
album was the moment I truly appreciated the full nature of Michael’s musical
genius (well that and seeing Captain Eo).

When Debbie Francis decided to mount a campaign to get Invincible back to number one on the tenth anniversary of its release, I was more than happy to lend my full support. If I have played a small role in helping the campaign then I am very pleased indeed. However, the lion’s share of any praise should go to Debbie and a number of others, who have managed to get this idea out there and have put in the hard yards to achieve their objective.

So I would love it if everyone purchases the album this October. But to all of you
contemplating the Buy Event, I would say one more thing. Above all, enjoy it!
I’m sure Michael would have wanted it that way.

Lynton Guest AKC:  September 2011

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Lynton’s book is called The Trial of Michael Jackson

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You Rock My World:

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2 thoughts on “Lynton Guest (Michael Jackson Author) Supports the Invincible Campaign @lynton6

  1. I do agree, it is very hard to pick one song over the other ones, I do love Rock My World, the video is incredible, Michaels moves.. the best, love Chris in the video with MJ, they were such good friends – Chris really love MJ – so I will get the Buy Event – L.O.V.E — MJ we love you – gone to soon – for ever in our hearts dear King

  2. First of all let me say that The Trials of Michael Jackson has been my Bible since Michael’s untimely death. Anytime I need to make a reference point, I send doubters to your book. Thank you for what you have done to support Michael’s innocence and to inform the general public of the trials that Michael suffered in just trying to live from day to day. He was persecuted.

    Now to the subject at hand, Invincible. What can I say? It is my most cherished Michael Jackson cd. I find myself always saying I fell in love with Michael all over again with this release. I was lucky enough to secure 4 of the 5 color coded special releases. If you know where I can find the blue one, please let me know. I love the Invincible era Michael. He was mature and oozing sexy. You Rock My World really rocked my world and always will. The video showed Michael still strutting his stuff with the best of them and with the greatest of ease. What more can I say. He always had it and never lost it. The entire cd is simply the best of the best.

    Thank you for joining us in supporting the Invincible Campaign. It’s an endeavor that is close to my heart and the hearts of ever fan who loves and mourns the passing of Michael Jackson. He will live on in the hearts of those who loved him forever. Gone too soon but never forgotten.

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