25th September @doit4mj Blog Radio – Invincible

We are sending an open invitation to everyone to join us on Rev. Catherine’s Blog Radio called A Place In Your Heart to discuss all things related to Michael Jackson’s Invincible Album and the Invincible Campaign.

I understand that Joe Vogel will be a co-guest and we are hoping that Lynton Guest will also be in attendance (awaiting confirmation).

Thus there will be 2 Michael Jackson authors talking about Michael Jackson, his Music with special reference to the Invincible Album. Given Lynton’s knowledge of Sony there is likely to be a discussion about the circumstances around the album, and this is also something that Joe will have an insight on as a result of his research.

I will be there to talk about the campaign, the reasons why the campaign was started, the buy event and what I hope will be achieved.

Rev. Catherine will as I understand be playing a few tracks from the album, so you never know we may be singing a little.

We are sure that this show will draw alot of interest because of the subject matter, so please find the time to join the discussion, call and have a chat.

We understand that there may be some talk about Sony, but please keep comments respectful because the reason this show is happening is to support Michael’s Legacy and to support Justice 4 Michael.

I hope you can attend and I look forward to hearing your voices.

For more information contact @doit4mj on twitter

or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/a-place-in-your-heart

4 thoughts on “25th September @doit4mj Blog Radio – Invincible

  1. I would really be interested in seeing these 2 discuss/debate about the Sony incident. i don’t know if any of you guys have read Guest’s book but he is all for the Sony Conspiracy. Seeing how Joe has researched MJ’s albums & work process & things connected to them, I’d really would like to hear his opinions on such matters. Either refute or address them.

  2. I will certainly support this campaign. Michael promoted the “Invincible” album himself and I feel that I should do the same. It is a pleasure for me to do so. I look forward to hearing Lynton Guest on the radio show; especially since he has first-hand knowledge of Michael’s relationship with Sony and his music. Thanks for creating this campaign. It is well deserved and long over-due.

  3. I’ ll be there.
    Wonderful initiative. Invincible is perhaps the finest album of Jackson and is the album contains more troubled that song that you enter the soul and is unknown to many. Unfortunately. All joined together to remedy this. I’ll be there. For Michalel and for the great product that is Invincible

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