@Adamleeguitar states why he supports the Invincible Campaign

Adam Lee states why he supports the Michael Jackson Invincible Campaign

Firstly, let me commend the awesome work of the worldwide Michael Jackson fan base in trying to propel Michael’s last, inimitable studio album to the top of the charts this October! If we can accomplish this, it’ll serve to spread Michael’s amazing message of love, peace and harmony, whilst giving the album it’s deserved recognition, all over again! Not to mention, if an album charts at number 1, people who have never heard it before will encounter some of Michael’s greatest music – something which, personally, changed my life.

Invincible holds great sentiment to me. As with all of Michael’s music, it transcends time. It will always be relevant, both sonically and lyrically – the definition of a masterpiece for me. And I know that rings true for all of Michael’s music. A true genius at work.

I remember being a young 12-year-old kid, running to the record store back in 2001 to get my paws on a brand new, bright yellow edition of Invincible! Little did I know that it would be special in years to come, as I proceeded to use it to the point where the CD doesn’t even look like a CD any more! At school, everyone was playing football and various other games at the playground. And I couldn’t wait for break time, since it meant I got to take my CD player, and my copy of Invincible, and listen to it all over again. I’ve been a shameless MJ fan my whole life.

Whether it’s the hypnotic, driving beats of ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Heartbreaker’, or the huge groove behind ‘You Rock My World’, or the heartstring-pulling sentiment and meaning behind songs like ‘Cry’, ‘Speechless’ and ‘Lost Children’, Invincible is one of Michael’s most accomplished and varied pieces of work. On it, you can hear production and songwriting that only the King of Pop could master. You’ll hear vocals and performances that only the King of Pop could have done. And you’ll feel connected with the music and the message, in a way that only the King of Pop could convey to his listeners. All of that is just a glimpse into the magic of Michael Jackson – both the man, and the music – that will make his lifetime and career go down in history, as one of the greatest achievements of any human being.

We love you, Michael. Forever, and always. God bless, and much L.O.V.E.


Adam Lee


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