The Invincible Year

I have been in consultation with Lynton Guest and we have decided on a forward plan for the campaign.

We have noticed that we are limited with what we can actually achieve because we don’t have the ability to publiciseInvincible on a world wide basis.

We have started a petition to entreat support from Sony and the Estate

The petition has been well supported in just a few days. We hope to send this off shortly once the target number of signatures has been achieved.

But we are suggesting the following:

Christmas: Introduce a friend to Invincible
It is obvious from the research undertaken that Invincible is the least known album. We want to correct this and thus suggest that supporters consider purchasing Invincible for Christmas Presents from 4th November 2011 until 7th Janauray 2012.

Download Speechless for Valentine
Buy Event
We suggest that fans download the track speechless from 7th February 2012 to 14th February 2012.

Due the celebration of Bad25 we will not be suggesting an alternative birthday celebration and wish to join the celebrations for Bad25. 

Let your voice be heard, leave a reply

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