Michael you helped change the world and you made a difference

The Official Invinicble Campaign Twitter account

Campaigner creator:   @mjsinvincible1 also known as @clearmjsname

Please like the  Official Facebook page Mjsinvincible

Please friend the Love Invincible page


We use @bigtwtdotcom for our campaign tweets longer than 140 characters. They have supported the campaign, changed their software, and placed a banner on their site without cost to support the campaign.

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. i love you michael lidia sienpre seras mi estrella especial gracias por tu gran corazon y humanidad cuando miro al cielo pienso que la estrella muy brillate eres tu por siempre jamas te olvidare descansa en paz paz y amor para todo el mundo todabia estamos ha tienpo de cambiar paz mudial y mucho amor ha los niños del mundo ellos son el futuro lidia

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