What can I do?

The focused Invincible Campaign will run from 1st October 2011 to 31st October 2011.

This is a voluntary campaign and there is no obligation to participate, however if you decide that you want to participate then you may wish to consider the following:

Initally help is needed to raise awareness of the Invincible campaign:

How can this be done:

Awareness Campaign:

  1. Internet – via twitter spread postive messages about the Invincible Campaign  and please hash tag #mjsinvincibe
  2. Internet – via facebook – facebook is widely recognised by some as having the ability to spread information. Share posts, ask your friends if they would consider supporting the Invincible Campaign. Post positive comments.
  3. Press releases are being prepared and these will be distributed to media outlets we hope that they will be accepted and posted
  4. Request radio stations to play tracks from the Invincible Album
  5. Like and provide supportive comments on the Youtude videos
  6. If you own a fansite or Michael Jackson fan blog  then you may decide to post information about the Invincible Campaign on your blog or fansite.
  7. The Awareness Campaign is urgent and requires commitment from now until the end of October 2011.

The Nitty Gritty:

For the Invincible Album to stand a good chance of getting to the Number 1 spot, the sales must occur between defined dates on mass.

It was initially hoped that this could be done during Michael’s Birthday week however this will not be possible because there is insufficient time to make Michael Jackson fans aware of the Invincible Campaign.

Also the 10th Anniversary seems ideal considering that the Invincible Album will be 10 years old.

We obviously can not tell any one how to spend their money, but if you have disposible income and wish to support the Invincible Campaign then the Buy the Invincible Focused Campaign runs from 1st October to 31st October 2011 inclusive.

We have been informed that Michael Jackson fans and  supporters of the Campaign who want  to participate in the Invincible Campaign should buy the Invincible Album during these dates. This is a view that we have been informed of by some Michael Jackson fans as well as sources close to the music industry.

(We wish to stress that any participation is voluntary and there is no obligation to purchase the Invincible Album.There is also no guarantee of success, but no reason for us not attempting to achieve our goal.)

This is a positive campaign to support Michael Jackson and His Legacy.

@copyright. Ideas and content subject to copyright.

80 thoughts on “What can I do?

  1. I LOVE Michael’s Invincible Album!! I wish it had been marketed more here in the states!! Would have been nice to be able to enjoy it, the whole album is amazing!! God Bless You Michael!! I LOVE YOU, I always have and I Always will!!

    • Hi Desperado, thanks for your ongoing support.

      Your affords are appreciated. In reply its only about 3 months, and we have to gather sufficient support in the thousands, if not the millions. The summer holidays are nearly upon us and many people will also be away.

      In the next few months we have to commit to raising awareness, preparation is the key, the daily tweeting out of information or sharing on Facebook, requesting support. Providing information and answering questions. This is a team effort and we have to prepare for success,

      This is a fan based campaign, we have to do the hard work to make it work and thats direct personal action, we have to commit to this campaign being a success and using all our resources via internet networking, informing the media, radio stations, fans and the general public of the Invincible Campaign.

      Michael Jackson has a huge fan base, many people who don’t even recognise themselves as fans support his music and achievements. People who are aware of the Invincible Campaign have been very supportive and thats truly fantastic.
      But the reality is that we need action, some pro-active support and we invite all supporters of Michael Jackson to participate in this Invincible Campaign, and be part of history in the making.

      Please continue your support, as stated this very moment is very important, we only have 3 months before the BUY EVENT. 12 weeks is not much time, every minute counts. Please spread awareness and ask people to commit to the campaign by positive action. Thank you.

      • How about we list out the technicians of Invincible, and if they are on Twitter, we can ask for their support? It’s a hard shot, still worth a try. One such is @arrahman .. I’ve just requested him, let’s hope.

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  3. This album is as valuable as all the other CD `S from Michael, it still fascinates by catchy excellent songs. Michael’s creative karma is also included on this CD!! This should copy him first of all somebody! I love Invincible!

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  5. I just bought the Invincible album a couple of monthS ago and I just love it. I must have played it at least 4 times in row the first time. I will join the campaign and help to spread the word the best I can. I will post on my FB page & You Tube site and more. It deserves the regonition it never got!

  6. I absolutely love Michael’s Invincible Album, as well as every other piece of genius he has made or course, and I support this campaign 1000%. Michael deserves to be recognised for everything he did for the world through his music and for the love of mankind in general. He has contributed more to music than any other artist the world has ever known, and ever will do in my opinion. Music will never be the same again, but we will always have the memories he created that will pass down through the generations……..I love you Michael for being in my life, and for giving me the best of you…..:)

  7. This is awsome! Thank you!
    And thank you, Michael, for that great album!
    It’s time that you get the props that you deserve 🙂
    You have my full support! With the L.O.V.E ♥

  8. Michael Jackson’s music was always for the fans. Invincible is a Great CD which never got the full recognition it deserved. We are his driving force. It’s time we take a stance, push aside the negative forces and unite to get Invincible to #1.

  9. Sure! I’ve always been thinking that a struggle to boost Invincible sale is a must to achieve another victory for MJ.
    Especially considering $ony music’s acts & statements upon MJ & the album back then.
    But one thing that must also be done after these efforts is to make sony music release an official statement upon the true raise of sale, and admit that their judgement about MJ’s incapability was FALSE. Because I believe, that even today, Invin has already hit a magnificent sale number!

  10. I will support this fully. Invincible should have been acknowledge for the masterpiece it is. Now it is up to us to make this happen for Michael. We do have obstacle in the way of others already protesting against this claiming we support Sony not Michael. Trouble makers is all it is. No matter what Michael created for us, he gaves us his all. He put ever bit of him into his art and creations. We stick together, we go as a team.

  11. AlL In Your Name Michael…You are Great and Wonderful Man Of Love…Invincible…Genius…Immortal…I LOVE YOU FOREVER MICHAEL

  12. i love INVINCIBLE & i will surely try my best to make it no.1,not bcoz i am a MJ fan but bcoz our MJ deserves it! so,i’ll continue to support it! love u MJ!

  13. I definitely will support the Invincible Campaign as I will always support anything in efforts of Michael Jackson. This is a great idea to get the album the recognition it really never received. Although I already have the CD I will buy another in efforts to boost the ratings to #1 as I will use blogs, twitter and facebook to reach out to many as I can. I love you Michael now and forever more. R.I.P.

  14. This is an excellent campaign and I will do my best to promote it and make other aware. The album is great and its time that it receives the recognition that it deserves–just like all the other MJ albums. I fully and wholeheartedly support this movement. I love u Michael alwayz and forever!

    • No, this was an idea that came from a discussion I had with @4thelegacy2 on twitter so no. It was born out of wanting to see justice for Michael, at the the time of the second year of his passing. We thought it would be a wonderful sign of support for him during the trial, if his last Album, titled “Invincible” was number 1. Its about compassion, love and justice.

      Michael promoted his Invincible Album, no matter what was going on – he promoted it, and loved his music. “Unbreakable” was his favourite track. If people fail to support his music and mark historical dates, then his musical legacy will die (just my view).

      • So SONY won’t be getting anything from the sales of the album. correct me if im wrong. i just wanna make sure. here in my country cd/dvd sales are down because of the pirated ones and a group has planned to asked the help of SONY philippines to help for the campaign. one more thing, how is the MJ estate reacting to this project? how about the family?

        • This Campaign is about Michael and his music. If people want to participate they should buy from reputable outlets and buy new. I can not comment on where they should buy or how, that is up to the individual; people should take the normal precautions. (We are not responsible for this – buyer beware.)

          Once we have done the press release this will be sent out.

  15. This is a great campaign and I will back it all the way, I,ve got the album and I,ll buy it again to help. I love michael jackson, I always have and always will, he,s a legend. Rip mj I love you ❤

  16. I pledge to support this campaign-I already own The Invincible CD but will buy it again 4 a Christmas present 4 my sissy-We both grew up with Michael & J5-I’m gonna try to get her involved.*I L.O.V.E. & Miss You, Michael*

  17. I agree with this idea will work with pleasure in October, although I have to say that I bought four albums on CD invincible and the next will be vinyl is a work of art that is ignored by many people all for l.o.v.e

  18. ♥ Pledging to support ♥ Michael Jackson ♥ His Music, His Legacy…

    Happy 10th Anniversary Invincible!! Through the efforts of this wonderful campaign, and the love and support from your fans, may you finally achieve, the recognition and #1 status you deserve on this amazing album!!!


  19. Hello, some of you may know for my unwavering love and support of Michael during the Invincible Era. It would be my honor to help as best as I can with this campaign through the Facebook fan page: I ♥ the Invincible Era. I would like to post and share your press release as soon as it is available. Please email details to mjYanaGirl@gmail.com

  20. I was planning to buy several copies of Invincible for Christmas gifts this year. I’ll support your effort by purchasing them in October. Invincible was a masterpiece.

    I heard Michael state in an interview that it was very important to him that the album be well received because it was possibly his LAST pop album. He his future offerings would be soundtracks. Sony’s deliberate sabotaging of the album breaks my heart. I would love to see it hit Number 1again!

  21. That’s a WONDERFUL IDEA! I’ll SUPPORT without any doubts ! We supported him when he was alive, and we will continue to support him forever!

    Thank you for Invincible campaign- I can’t wait to see the results after 31 october!

    **********JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL ALWAYS!!**********


  23. The Invincible Campaign will have my complete support!
    Invincible is a masterpiece! It’s my fav. I keep buying the album as birthday presents 🙂 Happy people as a result 😀
    Michael, Invincible will be No 1. We all will take care of that!
    LOVE you, Michael

  24. I own a copy of ‘Invincible’ and there are some lovely songs like ‘Speechless’, ‘Butterflies’, ‘You Are My Life’, ‘Cry’, ‘Whatever Happens’, ‘Don’t Walk Away’, ‘Heaven Can Wait’, and of course, ‘You Rock My World’; that’s half of them! I shall refer to the campaign on Facebook. Good Luck!

  25. Album incontournable et malheureusement souvent negligé ou meconnu!un travail d’orfevre qui combine techniques de tradition et caractere visionnaire et creatif jacksonien.de l’auratique speechless au beat sans concession de threatened en pa…ssant par le sanguin whatever happens ou le magnetique butterflies, un pilier que les jeunes generations ne se lassent pas de decouvrir tant il pose ls fondements et ls ressources de toute la musique actuelle et future!!thank you michael for your music your soul your love your humanity…god bless

  26. I do anything for Michael Jackson….gave the world his all.
    Michael Jackson put his heart and life ON THE LINE for everyone.
    there no reason you have to beg fans to do something so Michael
    Jackson……real fans react fast.I love Michael Jackson forever><

  27. I pledge to support/promote the Invincible Campaign.
    Have uploaded and shared a video promotiing this on my youtube and facebook.
    Have changed my youtube bg to support this.
    Anything for the Love of Michael.

  28. Remember this is also your campaign . What will you do to help insure its sucess. Words are nice but action brings results. Please Rt links on twitter share our facebook pages and like us on FB. encourage your friends and contacts to support us on the pledge page and mjsinvincible FB. Its very Important to show strong numbers of supporters before the press release. We want the world to take us serious and join us in October



  31. great stuff… hope it works i will be supporting 100% invincible is an amazing album full of gems love it……. miss you forever mike

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  33. How can I not love this wonderful, caring and exceptional man name Michael J. Jackson, He was and still is the sunshine for the world, a world that He care so much about, I hope that everyone that cares about him will never stop the support He deserve that much from all of us, He gave us everything He could and more, He teached us how to care for others and for nature how to stand-up for ourselfs He was (is in all our hearts) MICHAEL J. JACKSON THE KING IN EVERY SENCE OF THE WORD – WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR EVER AND EVER ❤

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