Rodney Jerkins

Music producer Rodney Jerkins talks about how he met Michael Jackson and that he worked with him for many years to produce and make the Invincible Album.

We hope that Rodney Jerkins will support the Invincible Campaign.

Darkchild Vlog #5: Can Michael Jackson Make a Comeback?

He said that he had the chance to do Michael Jackson’s last number 1 record – Rock My World.

Lessons Learnt

Rodney Jerkins talks Michael Jackson  on Thermal Soundwaves Radio

Rodney Jerkins remembers Michael Jackson

BMI Part 1

BMI Part 2

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5 thoughts on “Rodney Jerkins

  1. It was great hearing all the wonderful stories Rodney had to tell about Michael, the Michael we all wish we had a chance to know. I loved hearing how down to earth he was and how he loved to play jokes, etc. Michael we will miss you forever, but as Rodney says, you left us with a whole lot of history.

    • Rodney Jerkins

      I think that you are an awesome producer and one who actually saw michael jackson for who he is. I think it is great to have you around to tell us about michael. At times I wonder what it would have been like to actually be there to support you and michael. I think that you are an amazing man keep up the good work.

      Hugs and Kisses
      April Yvonne Lewis

  2. I love it when Rodney talks about Michael’s acceptance of Christ. I know he sat under the JW teachings when he was younger but I’m not really sure how the JW paint Christ. Of course I believe in Christ as the risen, reigning and ruling Savior and so I’m happy that Michael believed Christ to be the Savior, too.

    I’m also glad to know that Michael got to experience hanging out with someone without needing a lot of security around. He needed some privacy and I’m they left the security behind.I bet he had a good time that day. I love that.

    And only Michael Jackson would think of celebrating his mother on his birthday. Michael was full of wisdom. It’s funny hearing that he was a “Hustler”. Too funny but for real down to earth.

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